Rolling 'Ammo Box' Storage Unit


My one and only grandkid turned 13 this month. For his birthday I made him a catch-all storage unit based on a rocket ammo box. I started on this too close to his birthday to order materials, so paint and hardware were what I had in the shop or could find in our diminutive version of a big box store.

Various scrap hard and soft woods were used in the construction. Lid hinges are cut-down versions of door latches. All mounting hardware and the handles were wire-wheeled to remove glossy finish. Casters are threaded into recessed nuts glued into the bottom of the vertical support posts. Surface was painted with gray satin exterior house trim enamel over a white base primer, scuffed with 320 grit to bring out a distressed, worn look. I’m sure my grandson will add more wear with use.

That’s a great idea! Very creative!

Losing fingers since 1969

Looks very sturdy

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Update: per daughter’s suggestion, I only stenciled the top of the lid with his first name. Wise decision. Here is an updated picture with the stenciling done. Since this picture was taken, it has received two coats of Minwax Satin Clear Polycrillic:

Thanks, Jim. Yes, it’s pretty sturdy. I didn’t know what my grandson would put into it, so better to be safe than sorry. Casters are premium; very smooth rolling and swiveling.