Leci n'est pas une bandsaw


Some may consider this to be a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ , as well they should , I’m no stranger
to that sort of thing ; ) . It may be the result of boredom or not wanting to throw
those cutoffs in the waste bin . I was working on a large cabinet when WWW had its box
contest, so that gave me a reason to take a needed break . I decided to make the worst
designed box ( appearance only, still quite functional ) I could muster . I had a very wordy
and lengthy presentation about the Chinese inventing brass , Babylonian Plywood and
Jewelry , how oil presses became steel screws , etc. I accidentally deleted the whole
thing …..pictures and all …….so I opted for a shorter presentation . The funny thing
is that , try as I might, my box did not finish in last place !!
Notice the classic patina on the coffee can hinges .
They need to be strong to support the barn wood top ( which weighs about as much as a feather)

The brass hanger used a handle , was a well thought out choice . It’s a little question mark
beckoning one to look inside .

Screws cost money , ( this box is costless , not priceless ) so I had to make do .
When was the last time you saw an electricians screw in a fine art box ? Well you still haven’t .
Notice the fine weathering of the top . You can see ripples ; like waves breaking against a shoreline.

Have a great holiday week everyone !


ha. this is great

and you couldn’t “win”? hahah

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Oh come on you could do worse than that if you really tried. Maybe next time you can be last place, you just have to lower your expectations. LOL
You have a great Thanksgiving too.

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LOL , you both crack me up ! Thanks for commenting , and I mean
that sincerely .

Marvelous work. That box came together lickity split. Cheese saw is just plain nuts.
I have to have one.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

I’ll send you my plans ,hahaa ! Thanks Madts . : )

I like it! Put a motor in the cheese saw. :-)

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Thanks Brian ! You build the motor and I’ll install
it . : )

Enjoyed the hommage to Magritte!