Sassafras Book Case

Sassafras Book Case

I built this case For my Grandson with Sassafras and ¾”Oak veneer ply for the shelves. Ea. shelf has a hard wood binding on the front and back of each shelf (Oak/Sassafras binding) all the shelves are height adjustable. The Case Measurements are Seven Feet three inches tall, 49” wide and 15” deep. Each side is made from one Sassafras board for each side. This wood came from a huge Sassafras tree that came down on my neighbor’s lot. I had the tree milled and dried to salvage the wood. The finish is of his choosing, A Dark Walnut Stain with a Lacquer top coat.
My Grandson Josiah Mullins assisted me on day that was a Blessed Day to spend with him in the shop.
I made the Crown moldings with a Table saw and a Router. The detail pieces on the top cross panel I did with a Router and a 3/8” Bull Nose bit. I routed each of the three pieces that make up the detail on a board cut out the detail pieces on a band saw and finished them from there. The pictures are not so good but thanks for looking may your day be blessed.

-- Soli Deo gloria!

Very nice more, this turned out very nice.

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Thank you Jim,

-- Soli Deo gloria!

That is a super looking cabinet , nice finish ,
interesting grain , excellent build …..great work !

That is beautiful. Particularly like the fluted facings.


Wow! That’s one huge bookcase . . . and incredibly beautiful! It must have been a real bear to move.


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Thank you all!

-- Soli Deo gloria!

Super job and another family heirloom to be passed down for many generations