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Tactical Gear Caddy

Built this tactical gear caddy for my Granddaughter She has a degree in Criminal Justice working as a Deputy for the Sheriffs Dept. She was elated to receive the Cop (Gear) Caddy it has a place for most of her Tactical gear. The Caddy has a place to hang her BP Vest, duty belt; there is a lockable Gun storage box and three hangers for her uniform. The rear has four outlets to charge her Flash light, Body Cam, Radio Etc. All the wiring is concealed inside the post and under the stand only the pig tail plug is seen.
Fabricated from Red Oak and Sassafras, ply wood was used for the box and part of the base. The Caddy is Painted a Stealth Black color. Thanks for looking you comments will be appreciated.

-- -- Soli Deo gloria!

That’s a really unique project,very well done.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Thank you Jim.

-- -- Soli Deo gloria!

Nice build, looks like you thought of everything. I know you are very proud of your granddaughter.

-- Jack

Amen Jack, she is the baby Granddaughter I am proud of her. she loves her job serving the county, she just got a brand new patrol Vehicle (Ford SUV) she was happy with that, Thank you, may you have a Blessed day.

-- -- Soli Deo gloria!

Very cool project.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Excellent idea , she has to love it

-- Wheaties