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Craftsman mailboxes

Craftsman mailboxes

I just finished this sweet little project to make some craftsman style mailboxes for an equestrian barn nearby. The client asked for the logos to be on them so I found a local fellow that laser engraved them for me. I added some colour to the logos as per the clients request.

This is the type of build that I love to do the most.

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Really nice work Narinder, perfect design for their surroundings.


Very cool design and extra nice work.

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cool mailboxes,I like the engraving adds a touch of class to the boxes

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Very creative design — well executed. Thanks for sharing.


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Gorgeous. Not USPS approved – much better than that. :-)

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Very Nice work, great design.

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What impact happens as the result of NOT being approved by the USPS?

I like to have an indication that the Mail has come; a flag drops to indicate door has been opened, saving me a 100’ round trip to find out the mail has not come yet.

Does the mailman like them?

Beautiful mailboxes though…

Have Fun! ...

That seems like a strange response to me as the mailboxes were for a barn to leave messages to each other in the stable. Not ever seen or used by a mailman. Sorry that was misunderstood.

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