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Collapsible Miter Saw Stand

I’ve been keeping my miter saw under my workbench for years which didn’t make sense for one of the most-used tools I own. I had to drag it out and either set it up on something or work on the floor every time.

Since I don’t have much space in my garage (we do this weird thing where we put cars in there), I searched online for ideas of miter saw stands that don’t take much space. I found plenty of cool ideas and settled on this one from fixthisbuildthat.com.

I used some Christmas gift cards to buy a Kreg Jig for the build too.


Keep your legs warm to.. I like it

Nice work on your saw Station. I’m still dragging my miter saw outside when I use it. In our previous house I was working in a garage until this place and I have a huge basement now. I had an idea how to get more space in that garage by suggesting to the wife that she leave her car outside. That didn’t work out.

-- Jack

that should serve you well for a long time.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

-- Wheaties