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Finally finished my new kitchen.

This has taken longer than thought. Redesigns etc. take a long time. Finally I had to take all the base cabinets out, so that the new flooring could go in. It was less expensive that way. All in all I am very pleased with the end result. Since I finished I got divorced and have put the house up for sale. I plan on moving to the Austin TX. area to be close to the kids and grands.

Enjoy. I did, with some frustrations thrown in.


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african mahogany maple

I’m really sorry to hear about the divorce. That really sucks. I know because I’ve been through one. For whatever its worth, the kitchen looks amazing. The most important thing about a kitchen (besides layout) is drawer fronts and cabinet doors. And WOW yours stand out. Did you make all the pulls? Its really hard to see in these pictures because they’re so compressed. They look awesome. That’s really good design. The only sucky thing is that you don’t get to live with it. :-(

Good luck with the move and don’t let her take your table saw. ;-)

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Nice work too bad about your Divorce.

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Brian: Yes I made the long pulls, not the short on the drawer bank in the island.
The pulls are laminated from maple and mahogany glued up in a gig.


-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

That was a huge job. The kitchen looks great. Those pulls are really outstanding; they’re the “icing on the cake.”


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Everything about the kitchen is top notch but the pulls are amazing. Getting to live closer to those grand babies will be life changing. Good luck.

-- Jack

Wow,…. super nice .

Like Brian , sorry to hear about the divorce . But I have to say you did a fantastic job . I also got divorced 33 years ago . Best thing that ever happened to me > I met Jean Ann and have been happily married for 32 years now . Hope you have the same luck.

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