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Ford Ranger truck bed


A friend of mine asked me to build a wooden flatbed on the back of her truck this is what I came up with.


Nice addition, looks sturdy. Will make a nice hauler.

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That’s a very unique bed you won’t have trouble finding which vehicle is yours a parking lot. :)

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David that is a beautiful build, and I mean beautiful because I love pickup trucks. Is she going to stain it or paint it? Either way nice.


It’s pressure-treated so it needs to rest for a year and dry out I told her to come back next fall and I will spray it with my garden sprayer


I like that.


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Nice work I also have a Ford Ranger only a bit older, a PJ series.
My son is always teasing me about replacing the Al with wood

I wasn’t happy when some spastic graffiti sprayed it though

Regards Rob