Festival of Trees Wreath Donation


This is the wreath we donated to a Boise fundraising event called the Festival of Trees. I’ve been involved with this particular fundraising effort for a decade now.

For this year we decided to build ornaments using our Rudolph Pack (Rudolph, Santa, Clarice, and Yukon), Dog Days kit (Snoopy), and our Christmas pack templates.

Rather than just inlaying wood into all of the areas we like to use acrylic mixed with glitter and glow in the dark powder for certain aspects of the ornaments. For instance if you look at the Ornament Pack ornaments you’ll see that half of them were made by inlaying Cocobolo into Yellow Heart. The other six were made by pouring acrylic mixed with red glitter into the voids cut into some Ash. You’ll also notice all of the lights on the dog house are glitter filled acrylic pours. After all nobody said inlays have to just use wood!

If you look at the Rudolph ornament you’ll see a wood that came from a tree that was alive when Columbus got off his boat! The wood from this tree was harvested in the 1940’s from a tree that was cut down in the later 1890’s. The wood came from the stump that was 18’ tall and 8’ wide at the top. The tree was cut there because eight feet was the largest diameter the lumber mill could handle. It really is an amazing slab of wood that I inherited! Nothing better than to inherit a historical slab of wood with backstory!

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I like it very nice work.

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A lot of work went into that wreath! I love the story about the huge old tree. It’s amazing what those pioneers could do with hand saws and ingenuity.


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