"Windswept Tree" Railing


An organic guardrail and handrail from a 3 or 4 years ago.
I was experimenting with different textures to try and find a balance of something that looked natural but wasn’t overly labour intensive


Beautiful and creative very nice.

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oh, yes please… I’ll take one of those lol
You do such an amazing job at capturing the essence of nature

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Kudos, all around. So fortunate to have found a live piece that compliments the stonework. That said, being the son of a master stone mason, and one who apprenticed in the trade but decided against making it a career, the stonework can’t help but draws my attention most. It appears to be a drywall with cement only used on the steps. Am I correct? If so, I am amazed at the precision applied in getting the cut stone to fit so tightly. These were the least favorite tasks my father would drag me into. I rarely knew what stone his mind saw as the best fitting one. But when finished, I was always amazed at their beauty.

Thanks for sharing this, and reminding me of the time I spent with my father in my younger days.
- Paul

Yes, I believe you are correct in how the stonework was done. It was done by my friends father that has decades of experience under his belt


I’m happy to know I haven’t forgotten all that Dad taught me. :) Stonework to be proud of.

Wonderful design and work.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker