Here Comes The Sun Coaster - Veggie Style - Woodworking Project by Terry
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Here Comes The Sun Coaster - Veggie Style

Just a little wooden coaster of Padauk. I used our laser to engrave the design deep enough into the wood and then had the “what to inlay it with” moment. I wanted to use something that I had never tried before – so of course I went to the pantry! I had an out of date mix for pea soup – perfect! I grabbed the little coffee bean grinder and headed to my shop, ground the yellow peas and then the green peas to make a fine powder, put it into the coaster, topped it off with CA glue and waited for it to dry. A lot of sanding later – this is the finished project! Tons of fun!

Great idea with the peas. That gets me thinking. Can a whole “thing” be inlaid using ca glue? I’m thinking like maybe a bay leaf or basil leaf.

Also, if you make a trivet that way, will the ca glue stand up to the heat?

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this is awesome.
ground soup peas.. .that’s crazy thinking!! LOVE IT .. that is so far outside the box I can’t even see the box in the distance. Awesome.

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Well done, Challenge Hero!

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can’t wait to see the inserted basil leaf idea!

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MsDebbieP, this was a fun challenge! I even shared the results with my laser group and got them to thinking and someone suggested I try the spice cabinet (like Brian was saying). So last night I gave it a go with lemon pepper and turmeric. The Turmeric turned out a little darker than I wanted for the Padauk – but boy did it smell good sanding!

Very nice Terry, This seems like a project with a lot of possibilities!

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Now go make 12 of those and use them for panels on the replacement spice cabinet door you’re going to make after. :-)

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I see a busy time ahead for you as you complete all the projects this idea has sparked!! Incredibly creative!!


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Super coaster

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