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Fun project and great accomplishment for my grandson creating this .
WE made a spiderman figure together from a block of willow using a paper template that he designed and transferred onto the wood .
I band sawed it out and he worked on this for four hours carving it with a spokeshave ,rasp ,file and sandpaper straight which is quite an accomplishment for him to keep at it for that long .
I find that to get the kids into the shop it takes a idea of theirs to get them excited about woodworking .
He used all hand tools to make this and with some little breaks where I got a turn he did all the carving and was just loving it and could not wait to paint it with some help from my wife .

Well done NICK !


That’s a great experience. I’m sure it was very gratifying for you. I keep trying to get my kids into the shop. I had a little luck with the girls when it came to a small jewelry box, but they petered out quickly. That box is still unfinished. LOL

-- Losing fingers since 1969


-- Carving and Turning is my life

Wow, looks super Klaus. It seems that there are at least two good woodworkers in the family now. A wonderful way to spend time with a grandchild. You will both benefit from that.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Bring Nick more in the shop. He has talent ( just like grandpa ).
You get to spend time with him and he will learn more skills.

I think that’s a winning formula.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thanks all.
Yes it was a good time and I think I learned something from this .
We grew up in a different time and we have to adjust to get the new generation into woodworking and have to listen to them to find their interest and not try to push our thoughts but compromise .


He did good,fun and cool.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker