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Cypress Stump Table; French Polish style


In May 2019 I had a few Cypress trees cut down. One of them had an impressive flair at the base that I asked the tree service to preserve for me. It had to become a table. It took me a while to decide on what kind of table. It took some work with a chainsaw, router sled, scrub plane and a slick to get it into shape.

For coloring I fumed it with ammonia and then used dark tung oil to give it more color and protection. I was having trouble getting the finish to build completely on the end grain (yes pure tung oil can build a sheen) Some specific sections of the end grain just remained thirsty so I eventually switched over to a French polish with shellac to complete the finish on the shelves. Topped off that with a couple of treatments with Odie’s Oil as the source of wax and a bit of water protection.

Lots more build photos and step by steps on source: Cypress Console Table


Very unique! Lots of work in that!


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Thanks, and yes it is a fair amount of work. I enjoy the challenge.

Neat project, great job.

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Very cool ,I like that you made the crack a design eleiment.

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Thanks oldrivers and a1Jim. Much appreciated.

a1Jim, The crack came about after I did the rough cuts, so I’d have to credit that one to nature. :)

So creative! I really like how you went for something unusual and it came out fantastic. The finish is very nice and it works perfectly right where it is. I just love it.

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man i just love it. very cool design, love rustic furniture.

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Some serious effort! I assume that is an epoxy fill for the crack? Really adds to the overall look.
I'd be constantly worrying about further cracking but I'd suppose the large open areas relieve a lot of stress. Chainsaw must have been your tool of choice for the initial roughing out.

p.s., great job on the cat, looks very life-like! 😀
Great creative imagination. The cat seems to like it.

Pretty cool!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

I remember that table from LJ. I thought it was fantastic then, and I still do. I like the flared shape, and the finish is gorgeous. Have you ever tried taking a video showing how the finish shimmers as your viewing angle changes?
Thanks all.

@SplinterGroup  Yes it is black epoxy.  Your concern about further splitting is valid.  I noticed the other day that a pretty good sized split has appeared on one edge of the epoxy/wood boundary on the bottom shelf.  I will have to pour some more epoxy, but will wait another year to do it to let the piece dry some more.  I probably should have put a dutchman (bow tie) to span the gap, but I am pretty sure that would have just forced a crack to appear in another spot.  I should have waited for a few more years for it to properly dry, but just did not have the room to store it, and could not leave it outside or the bugs would feast.