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Solid Wood Cabinet Desk

Working from home has become more popular than ever. Even though I’ve been teleworking for over a year now, I’ve been doing so from everywhere but my home office. The kitchen, the couch, the bed, you name it! The truth is my home office looks more like a storage unit than anything else.

Today, I’m finally building my solid wood desk top that will sit on top of my base cabinets. In my latest YouTube video, I walk through the step-by-step desk top building process, starting from rough sawn ash wood. This desk is huge: over 7 feet long! With plenty of storage space and leg room.

Watch the build video here: https://youtu.be/TB-OEYz8dBg

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Great video!

In which power-lifting classification do you compete? It would have taken me days to just carry all the lumber and clamps up to the second floor (each piece individually)! I would still be resting now from the workout!

I couldn’t believe when you flipped it over with all those clamps. I wouldn’t have been able to move just the desktop.

The cabinet I’m working on now I designed in three parts so I can manage it without causing my husband another heart attack. I sure wish I had your strength!

Your desk looks great.


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Nice work!

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