Leaping Stripes - Variation


Last week, I decided to make some lap blankets for the grandchildren..
I chose to start with the “Leaping Stripes’ blanket and chose the 36”x36" size.

Directions were to cast on 130 stitches (anything a multiple of 4 plus 2) and it’s basically an “alternative rows of 2 double crochets, chain 2” pattern. With three colours, you can carry the yarn up the side until you use it again, no tying off after each row.

I had just been working on an afghan that also had the “chain 2” pattern, but it was handled differently so it took me a while to forget the old pattern and get into the rhythm of the new.

About three quarters through, a series of events, led to my repeating a colour and I didn’t notice it until I had another 5 rows complete. Well, I’m not taking out 5 rows so the double purple had to become a design element. It wasn’t in the centre and it really wasn’t at 3/4 .. but I worked with it.

I did 6 rows and then did a double row of green and then did 4 rows and did a double row of white; 2 rows and then ended off with a double row of purple, and added an edge, again in purple.

The end result isn’t quite square but that’s ok as this was meant to be a lap blanket and wider than long is better for tucking in the sides. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. If had made it longer the three double-stripes wouldn’t have looked as good, in my opinion.

This blanket is for my granddaughter (who is 8 months old)

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