Here Comes The Sun -- In Triplet


I happened to have some yellow yarn in my bag of scraps and I did a search for crocheted sun coasters — who knew there’d be so many options AND patterns!!! Awesome.

I used this pattern and gave it a shot. It wasn’t that hard , worked up quickly, and I think if I get some better yarn (the yellow was fine and the red was thick) that I’ll make some more — perhaps as gifts for the upcoming “birthday bash” (my son and family will be home for a visit and since we only see them once every couple of years, I’ve started doing a “birthday bash” where I give everyone a present so that we can all be present. . haha for the presents :D )

Anyway…. The little guy is small because just as I ended the one row of red, I ran out of yarn – it JUST make it to the end of the stitch.

Thanks to Crochet.Community for “stretching my boundaries” and to Marie LeBaron for sharing the pattern.

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