Vanity and linen cabinet - Woodworking Project by Fred Hargis
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Vanity and linen cabinet

A few years back Norm did a 9 episode series on a complete kitchen cabinet job he did. It was also written up in FWW with some tips. When our guest bath needed new cabinets, I saw it as a perfect time to try painted cabinets (or painted anything) for the first time. This was the result. The tall cabinet was installed with crown molding to add to the look. The doors and drawer fronts had applied moldings that were more or less the same as Norm used (first time for that as well).

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I like the look with those moldings. This is the kind of thing I’ll have to do in the kitchen. Thanks for posting.


Those cabinets turned out great! Getting a good paint job is not an easy task.


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Just beautiful Fred. Do you have a sprayer and a booth, or did you brush it? The reason I ask is the boss said the next thing that comes out of the shop better be a linen cabinet.

-- Jack

I sort of have a booth, I hang plastic (I’ve now went to long shower curtain liners) from a PVC frame that’s suspended on the ceiling. This contains the over spray, but not the smell. Anyway, I sprayed those cabinets with an oil based enamel. They were primed with Zinnser BIN first, I rolled the BIN on and then sanded smooth.

-- "I long for the day when coke was a cola and a joint was a bad place to be" Merle Haggartd

These look great Fred.

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