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Fred Hargis
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When we moved into our current house, LOML wanted a corner china cabinet in the dining room. I found the plans for this one, and after looking around found out it was a well documented design with the original in a NY museum. Lonnie Bird teaches a class on building it, and has published articles on it twice. Using the one he had in Robert Yoders book “Handcrafted Cabinetry” I built this one out of cherry, and finished it in garnet shellac.

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That’s a real beauty Fred.
The mouldings are sweet and the attention to grain patterns sets it apart.
Nice work!

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That is super nice! I love all the details, and will have to practice some of them. Thanks for posting.

Great Piece Fred.

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Nice work Fred. Looks like curly cherry panels in the bottom doors. bob

Excellent build Fred a beautiful build.

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