Hall Table

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I made this table a couple years ago as an attempt at bent lamination. This was extremely fun to build and one of few pieces I’ve sold that I wish I still had. I have all the forms and enough veneer to do another top so I will probably make another one sometime. The top is olive ash burl, black dyed maple banding with a mahogany border. The legs are oak tapered bent laminated and then ebonized using tree bark tea and vinegar with iron. http://www.popularwoodworking.com/techniques/ebonizing_wood
I did the top with a shellac french polish and the base is lacquer. I made the top first because I had the veneer and wanted to play with curves on this piece. I made a full scale drawing of the base by drawing different curves until I found what I thought looked pleasing to the eye, from this I could make the forms to do the bent lamination’s. The stretchers are oak with olive ash burl veneer, I thought it needed a little color with all that black on the base.

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