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Apr 2014



Woodworking is my love and i've been doing it now for over 25 years, i'm very thankful to God for all of the wood He has given for us to use for making and creating our projects, i have learned and been inspired by the works of others and so enjoy the beauty of wood, i hope to enjoy the works of others here in this new community, thanks for dropping in.

-- "the grizz" [''''']

HEART OF THE WALNUT - Woodworking Project by grizzman


Walnut is my favorite hardwood, and i had a few special pieces that i was trying to decide what...

bathroom bench - Woodworking Project by grizzman

bathroom bench

This is a new bench i made for our shower room, the top is a small slab of white oak that came...

trays with beautiful wood - Woodworking Project by grizzman

trays with beautiful wood

back in march i cut down a walnut tree and i needed help getting it to my place and to the...

bedside light - Woodworking Project by grizzman

bedside light

i was in need of a new light near my bed and i had this light bar that was just sitting around,...

tv trays - Woodworking Project by grizzman

tv trays

i had a dear neighbor who was in a terrible accident, he went through a three car roll over, was...

box for a friend - Woodworking Project by grizzman

box for a friend

This is a box for a friend, it was a very fun project for me, as making a gift for someone...


Hey there, grizz :)

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

hello martin, i shall enjoy it here and i have been inviting others, were happy to be in a place that was so much like things in the beginning..i shall continue to invite those i know will be happy here, thanks martin.

-- "the grizz" [''''']

Thanks. Invites are always appreciated.

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

Hi Grizz!

good morning so glad to see you here, as with all new web sits were getting onto a roll here and the more we invite the better it will be, well to a point, me personally dont want it to get to big like lumberjocks has, i have not asked martin what his plans are for this, but we can enjoy it along the way…

-- "the grizz" [''''']