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solid oak doors
hand coped leaf pattern , ( 2012 )

Beautiful! And what a Lot of work. Nice, moment.

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Thank you Barb , sweet of you to say .

That’s a very nice. some serious coping. I bet your arm hurt for weeks.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thank you Ianwater for the nice words .

There are a few jobs I’ve done that make me smile whenever I see them. I am betting that whenever you go to your wine cupboard, you get that warm and fuzzy feeling too.
Beautiful doors and quite an achievement.

Doing the best I can with what I've got

Very nice Moment, I’m not sure how they are being used? Did you put glass in them and use them for doors?

Renners , my friend , Thank you for those gracious words . Best wishes.

Bentlyj , thank you for your kind inquiry . In answering , may I say that these doors are for
a two door only cabinet in oak . They were finished with tung oil , and have been in storage .
The joints are tight still . Tung has held the color of the natural oak , and I like to use tung with oak ,because this drying oil does not darken noticeably over time . No darkening or lightening of the patina of the wood plus no darkening of the oil . Acylic panels in these portes , acrylic
for the sidelights , I am working on the cab this week and will post it soon . Thank you for your interest . : )

Wow…. I read hand coped in your description and imagined a whole lot of time invested in this. Finely crafted ! Very nice work !

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

Thank you kdc68 for the nice compliments !

These are truly beautiful! The leaf pattern really is awesome! I can’t imagine the hours that you put into them! What a lovely set!