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solid oak doors
hand coped leaf pattern , ( 2012 )



Beautiful! And what a Lot of work. Nice, moment.

-- Might As Well Dance :


Thank you Barb , sweet of you to say .


That’s a very nice. some serious coping. I bet your arm hurt for weeks.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


Thank you Ianwater for the nice words .


There are a few jobs I’ve done that make me smile whenever I see them. I am betting that whenever you go to your wine cupboard, you get that warm and fuzzy feeling too.
Beautiful doors and quite an achievement.

-- Doing the best I can with what I've got


Very nice Moment, I’m not sure how they are being used? Did you put glass in them and use them for doors?


Renners , my friend , Thank you for those gracious words . Best wishes.

Bentlyj , thank you for your kind inquiry . In answering , may I say that these doors are for
a two door only cabinet in oak . They were finished with tung oil , and have been in storage .
The joints are tight still . Tung has held the color of the natural oak , and I like to use tung with oak ,because this drying oil does not darken noticeably over time . No darkening or lightening of the patina of the wood plus no darkening of the oil . Acylic panels in these portes , acrylic
for the sidelights , I am working on the cab this week and will post it soon . Thank you for your interest . : )


Wow…. I read hand coped in your description and imagined a whole lot of time invested in this. Finely crafted ! Very nice work !

-- Measure "at least" twice and cut once


Thank you kdc68 for the nice compliments !


These are truly beautiful! The leaf pattern really is awesome! I can’t imagine the hours that you put into them! What a lovely set!



Thank you Sheila !


Very impressive cutting on the leaf designs and a very beautiful result. I have a pretty good idea of the amount of work that went into this, which makes me appreciate it all the more. As woodworkers, most of us are as interested in the work process as in the final product. It would have been nice seeing you doing some of the work on these, but I realized that it is probably too late for that. I’m a bit late here, just discovering it after seeing your cabinet post.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway


Thank you Mike , your appreciation is well received ,and my admiration equally returned for your skilful endeavors .


These are amazing and all done by hand ,WOW.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

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