White oak built ins

White oak built ins
White oak built ins

Did this job a while ago, a pair of built ins straddling a fireplace. The alcove on the left was a decent depth but the one on the right is barely six inches deep, so that side was made for dvd storage with adjustable shelves – the base on the r/h unit protrudes past the chimney breast, with the top part nearly flush to the wall.
The doors are hung on blum type full inset hinges except the middle doors hanging on half overlay hinges.
Matt Polyurethane finish applied by brush and given a light rub with p600 paper.

Doing the best I can with what I've got


Well done !…Looks like they have always been there…Blends perfectly with the flooring and contrasts nicely with the surround and hearth.

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

Very nice design . The finish on the oak looks great and
the proportions are very nice , lovely cabinets Renners .

Nice job Renners.
Wondering why you brushed it?
I thought you usually sprayed your finish?
(awful lot of wood to cover with a brush) my arm hurts just looking at it. lol

I have the same situation in my family room . On one side of the chimney. I have been thinking how to build something that appears balanced.

Thanks for sharing

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thanks guys, as I recall, I ended up brushing this one because the client wanted a low sheen finish, almost to resemble an oil – like the new oak floor in the room (I put that down too). I was back in that house last week and those units still look great.
Apparently, their young daughter was cursing me though, because she put the Muppets movie DVD on the very top of one of the units and it slipped down the gap between the wall. Gone forever, never to be seen again. Apparently, the old chewing-gum-on-a-cane trick didn’t work either

Doing the best I can with what I've got

Oh no!no Muppets :) good clean build ,placing cabinets between two walls can take a little extra care when you scribe them in,not a challenge for you Renners you’ve done much tougher work than this.Great job.

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