Custom Maple wall paneling

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Just one photo? What kind of tease is that? Let’s see the for open! :-)

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I can see the difference in trim on the floor between the plant and end table. What finish is on the wood? It looks like paint but hard to tell. That’s an interesting height combination.

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I used a catalyzed “Clawlock” hi build primer (2 coats) and catalyzed conversion varnish (2coats).
Both are from ML Campbell
Custom color: antique bone
I like to build and install these prefinished
and 1 piece if possible,corner to corner.

-- steve66


My husband guessed the location of the small passageway: You stand on the headboard and take down a picture; then crawl through the little hole behind it! LOL

All kidding aside: it looks great!


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Haha, thats a pretty good guess L/W but, sorry not correct.
The passageway through is the last two panels on the right in width.And floor to cross bar in height.
Touch it and you can enter:-)

-- steve66

Impressive paneling job

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There is a secret passage through this wall to another room!

-- steve66


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