Craft Projects

Dog pen - Woodworking Project by ladz

Dog pen

Son wanted something instead of a dog cage in his house so had a go at one of these. Cost about...

Decorative Holiday Trees - Woodworking Project by jbschutz

Decorative Holiday Trees

I have to admit that I “borrowed” the idea, but I refined it a great deal. I saw a similar set in...

Piano Bench Cover - Needleworking Project by MsDebbieP

Piano Bench Cover

I had forgotten about this project, even though I walk past it every day! This HAPPY CANADA DAY...

Canada Day Quilting - Needleworking Project by Celticscroller

Canada Day Quilting

Tomorrow July 1st is Canada Day. In July 2017 we celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday. A local...

Extra Kitchen Cabinet - Woodworking Project by Sheri Noble, woodworking at it’s finest!

Extra Kitchen Cabinet

Built this cabinet for a young lady that needed extra storage in her small kitchen. Solid pine,...

Shop vacuum conversion - Woodworking Project by Steel60

Shop vacuum conversion

After purchasing a dust deputy I searched the web for ideas but there wasn’t anything available...

Dining Table with Carving & Marquetry - Woodworking Project by Dennis Zongker

Dining Table with Carving & Marquetry

This table I made a few years ago, it has an oak tree theme thought out the entire table. This...

Tambour Cabinet - Woodworking Project by Norman Pirollo

Tambour Cabinet

This Krenov-inspired cabinet on stand incorporates elements of tambour. The tambour elements were...

Wee table & stools - Woodworking Project by Narinder Jugdev

Wee table & stools

My gift to my son for his 31 birthday was this wee table and stools for him to enjoy with his...

Taking Flight - Metalworking Project by WestCoast Arts

Taking Flight

First sculpture my Taking Flight series 10’ high with butterfly sizes ranging from 2’- 5’ across...

Orchid Shelves. - Woodworking Project by Madts

Orchid Shelves.

Wanting some privacy in my kitchen and also some shelves for my orchids I came up with this. It...

Bed Side Table (A blast from the past) - Woodworking Project by Madts

Bed Side Table (A blast from the past)

When I first moved in to my house 25 years ago I had no tools available. They were all 300 miles...

Laser Cut Pens - Woodworking Project by Tony

Laser Cut Pens

I made these for family and friends

Bread box/Vegetable Pantry - Woodworking Project by 122lake

Bread box/Vegetable Pantry

My daughter asked if I can make her a vegetable pantry for Christmas. This is what I came up with...

Curio Cabinet. - Woodworking Project by Madts

Curio Cabinet.

A Curio Cabnet made from my from my first expierence with Cherry. At the time I had a Table saw,...

Character swept head Oak double doors - Woodworking Project by william

Character swept head Oak double doors

Met the clients earlier this year and they had just brought a lovely 16th century stone house in...

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