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The other day I bought one of these: DELTA 50-345 Universal Mobile Base (Wood Not Included) total of $75 inc tax. It shows up 2 days later. All is well. This weekend I put it together and lo-and-behold the kit is missing 3 bolts and one washer. That meant a trip to the hardware store. This should not be possible this day and age, where the weight alarm should show that the package is missing something.

I think that I am done with Delta.

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When I received my delta jointer, I could not adjust the outfeed bed. it was stuck. They had to send a tech. had to wait.

My router fence came with missing bolts and I waited almost 3 weeks to get them.

edit: jessem router fence.

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In this day and age, I’ve come to expect missing nuts and bolts, to the point where I’m actually elated on those rare occasions where a couple of extra ones are included. I’m not talking about Delta in particular – anything mail order is like this and in the age of Amazon, practically everything is mail order.

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I have to say, it’s really disappointing what has happened to a once great name in tools.

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It’s really aggravating when that happens.

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