So Here I Am

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I’m not exactly sure what to say as an introduction, since as it turns out I have found myself to be rather unremarkable. Still, it would seem that certain information is relevant to context at hand.

I have been fiddling with woodworking for about 15 years starting with Home Depot pine and eventually finding my way to some more interesting woods via internet forums such as this.

At one time I fancied myself a furniture maker, and while I do make furniture, the size of my house and number of family members and friends limited where my creations could live. These days, I mostly make boxes … all kinds of boxes, and other decorative items.

I have found that I am not necessarily drawn to intricate cuts or spiffy joinery as much as I am to unique grain and color patterns. I really like to display the natural beauty of the wood in the things I do. I think that’s why boxes are so attractive to me. Sometimes, you’ll find a small piece of wood that is insufficient for a larger piece, yet makes a perfect box top.

As I look through the member list I see quite a few familiar names and it’s good to see them here. I’m looking for to spending some time here and learning a thing or two.

Some of us think of ourselves as unremarkable But I am sure we all have something to offer.

welcome Russel.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

We look forward to having you share some of your expertise and experiences with us….we’ll try and do the same with you.


Welcome Russel. We aren’t here because we are remarkable. We just enjoy sharing our hobby experiences with other woodworkers regardless of their skill level.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Hi Russel,
just joined myself and submitted my first entry on this forum. Enjoying my retirement and making some bandsaw boxes with my son Mark.

Love to keep busy in retirement -