Dust control with duel sliding compound miter saw

Jack King
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I was really excited to get the new saw until I used it a couple of times. Sawdust everywhere even with the useless little bag that came with it. Even replacing the bag with a shop vac it was only reduced by about a third? Just wondering what you do to control the dust if you use one. I would take it outside but here in the frozen southland can’t do that right now. Any ideas or solutions would greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I attach my shop vav. Mine attaches directly to the port for that useless l i ttle bag.


Heh…I take mine out to the carport.

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Same here. The collection bag is worthless! I take mine outside too. My only suggestion is to leave the bag on and position your shop vacuum as close to the base of the fence as possible and have it on with the bag. That is the best thing I have found for using it indoors. It still kicks up dust though.

Christopher Richard

I have seen people build a backsplash that tapers to the centre then the vac hose is attached to that. Also try spinning the blade up for 3 seconds or so before making the cut to get the air flow moving before making dust, then move the hose to where that air seems to be strongest. Myself, I use a dustmask, goggles, and a face shield, then I have to clean them every 5 cuts or so.

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Thanks guys, and Rabbit, for the great ideas, that is the nature of the beast I guess. Think I will try hooking the shop vac up to the dust port and put the hose from the dust collector next to the rear. Make that do until the thaw comes, then take it outside.