Rust accumulation

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How do you guys keep rust from accumulating on your handtools? I’ve been tuning my hand planes, stick them in a cabinet and I t seems like in no time rust stars forming on the sole. The cabinet is open to the rest of the garage, so it doesn’t really protect them. I’ve tried oiling and wax with limited success.

I have a similar problem with my power tools. I wax them, but it seems like an ongoing battle.



Spray some dw40 on your tools after work.

Mike, an American living in Norway

I guess the thing I don’t like about WD 40 is that it contains silicone and that can hang around the shop for every and mess up your finishing. Sorry too disagree Mike.

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I’ll have to make/create some sort of enclosed cabinet for the planes to use the Silica Gel Packets, but good idea. I have tended to agree about dw40 and have always steered clear of it with my tools. I didn’t know if it was an old wives tail of if there was any truth to it, so I decided to look it up just now.. from their sight:
“While the ingredients in WD-40® Multi-Use Product are secret, we can tell you what it does NOT contain. WD-40® Multi-Use Product does not contain silicone, kerosene, water, graphite, or chlorofluorocarbons "
They appear to have a new line of stuff one is a rust inhibitor
In either case, I would hate to have something on my tool that would mess up a finish, so I may have to do some experimentation. I can try it on one of my crap planes (versus a good plane) and see how it works. It does dry, so it seems like if I rub the plane against some wood without any cut after it has dried would be the worse case for transfer.


woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

a1jim, I don’t know where you got that MSDS, but it is not for WD40! Here is the link to WD-40 Company’s MSDS/SDS: (note that only the non-aerosol containers can be sold in California, where it is made).

The product you have the MSDS for is a pure(?) silicone liquid (Polydimethylsiloxane, Trimethylsiloxy-Terminated (C2H6OSi)n CAS: 63148-62-9 or 9006-65-9) manufactured and sold by It is available only in 1Kg containers for a price of about $252.

WD-40 Multi-Use Product, on the other hand, is a NON-silicone, predominately petroleum product. It is packaged and sold in “pen” sized containers up to (at least) 55 gallon drums. I used the 55G drums in a custom harvesting (farming) business.

In the 1960s, I had a friend who was a nearby neighbor of Norm Larsen, the founder of WD-40 Co’s predecessor, Rocket Chemical Corp. (in his garage). We would complain of his shop smelling of fish, and he would smile and tell us that it was the odor of some of the ingredients – he would never say what all was in the formula.

I measured it twice, cut it twice, and it is still too short!

a1jim, I’m sorry if I came off a bit antagonistic, that was not the intention. I have seen the debate over whether WD-40 does or does-not contain silicone for years. I feel very comfortable in believing that is does not, due to conversations with Mr. Larson. I will confide that I was a high school student at the time.

I measured it twice, cut it twice, and it is still too short!

I’ve been having good luck with T-9 Boesheild

I got the spec sheet off of a web site that all posters said WD40 did have silicone ,if the spec sheet is wrong I guess I did not read it well enough . This is not a subject I have to be right about ,if I’m wrong I’m wrong. No offence taken by your post.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

There’s so much myth and mystery about WD40! I’d never heard about the silicon claims until now. A quick websearch and I saw equal amount of people claiming it has silicon as people claiming that it doesn’t. The MSDS from the WD40 website doesn’t mention silicon, just petroleum distillates, but there is listed 10% “proprietary ingredients” that they don’t specifically list what they are…

That said, I use WD40 both as a lubricant to sharpen on my diamond stones and to wipe the planes off when I put them away. Also have several rust inhibiting mats that I store the planes on. Several times/year I have to take fine steel wool or sandpaper and clean off surface rust but that is just part of routine maintenance.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario