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No place on the Results page of the Quarterly Awards to make a comment, so I want to say here, Thank You to the members for voting my Salt and Pepper Shakers second place winners, and Thank you to the Admin for sponsoring the contest! I look forward to getting a new T-shirt and the 2nd place prize money will definitely go to a new tool!

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Congrats Barb your deserve an award for those cool shakers ,the wood is fantastic and the nice smooth design is a standout. I would give you an award for just being you.

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LOL… it’s nice to have Fans, Jim!

Might As Well Dance : http://barbsid.blogspot.com/

They are awesome, Barb! :) Congratulations! :)

Me too Barb. You said it all.
Thanks to everyone who participated, whoever you voted for. Thanks to the admin for doing this so early in the site’s life and congrats Barb. About the only place I diverge from her comments is that my winnings will go against the bill for the veneer I bought in Paris last fall. :-)

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O-o-o-o, Parisian Veneer! Congratulations, Paul, and your work deserves top billing wherever you display it.
And thanks, Sheila. I hope we have more time to consider an entry before the next one!

Might As Well Dance : http://barbsid.blogspot.com/

Yes, I entered a project I had on hand because of the short deadline. But I was happy to see that the site here was being kicked off with a contest and I wanted to show my support. My little bear looked pretty lame compared to the wonderful entries, but he was one of the few projects that I had that highlighted grain. It was great to see the wonderful projects and I was happy there were so many awesome entries. It is all a great deal of fun. :) Congratulations again!

Yes Barb, well done on those shakers….I think they are so cool …..That grain is simply beautiful…
Congrats Shipwright …outstanding work !
I voted and wished I could have voted for two first places for these two great projects

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

Shelia your scrolled bear was anything but lame. I’ve seen your work on LJ’s and you possess great talent and turn out amazing work

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

Congratulation to all the winners and all the participants.
Some very nice projects.
It was hard to vote.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Everyone who participated was a winner! But someone has to come out on top! Congratulations to all!


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