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Hello everyone, just curious as to what peoples thoughts/opinions are on bandsaws.

I currently have an old Rockwell 14" which has been fine but I’m finding more and more lately that I could really use one with both more hp and re-saw capacity.
The shop down the road from has a large re-saw so I don’t need to go crazy with a bandsaw, I was just thinking maybe a 17"-18".

There is 17" Forrester (virtually new) advertised locally that I am looking at. I have never heard of this company before though and when I google it I get Grizzly saws. Anyone familiar with it?
This one is priced at $1k and from what I can tell it is probably comparable to an entry level King (worth about $2k here)

For the price I’m thinking it may be the way to go but I’m concerned about getting parts etc if needed

Thanks in advance!



Sorry not a brand I’m familiar with,perhaps you could call grizzly and see if it’s their saw rebranded and if they sell parts for it.

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Good idea Jim, I’ll send them an email.


I own nothing but Grizzly and love the product. I know a few big shot guys from YouTube that have bought this bandsaw and love it.
Personally i would buy a bandsaw with cast iron wheels. less vibration in the blade and more weighted wheel for momentum.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

If this band saw is anything like the Grizzly 8" spiral jointer I bought, you’ll be happy with it.

I have a Powermatic 14" I’m happy with. My buddy bought a 14" Grizzly about three years ago and he loves it. It might even have a little more power than mine (of course, it’s not as pretty ;) ).

I bought thegrizzly G0513X2 17" BANDSAW 2HP to replace my powermatic 14’.
Although I extended the 14" with the resaw block, I felt it was still lacking.

The grizzly has performed well so far. The bearing for the blade support could be better in my opinion.
it was about $1200 including freight.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

If you buy any bandsaw theres so much you can do with all the name brands as upgrades. better roller guides, cooling blocks , thurst bearings, Etc.. i wouldnt hesitate in buying a grizzly. i’d personally buy no less than a 2hp but would go for the 3hp if you can. like i said ive had good luck with the product however, go with what your heart says. happy shopping.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

I’m guessing the cl listing is mis-named…check out Forrest band saws.

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Thanks everyone, not sure what was going on with the guy but I told him I would check it out (it’s an hour drive from me) and then he was too busy to let me go see it… weird.

Btw Fred, it’s not mis-named. That’s what was on the name plate and I emailed Forrest and they don’t make anything that small.