Just curious as to how many of you frequent the LJ site. I would also like this site to be as heavily used as LJ’s. Any suggestions as to how we can increase membership?

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I doubt LJ is heavily used anymore.
For the number of members they have , the frequency of the post lacks far behind.
The quality of the posts is no longer what it used to be.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

We have slow but steady growth :) Feel free to invite your LJ buddies here.

Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian

I think LJ became a corporate takeover a couple times. Pop-up ads were everywhere. Lots of folks may not be very active there anymore.

Sycamore,the opposite of dkv is here.
lanwater, I agree. Same ol’ stuff all the time.

I do, but to be honest it’s my least favorite site. The membership and traffic are very good (the reason I visit) but that software platform is at the very top of my most hated list. I dislike it so mush I’ve often thought of just signing out and not going back, but it’s one of the 2 busiest sites I visit; so I suffer with it.

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I’ve never been on that site except for a few times that one of their threads came up on a Google search result when I was researching something. I’ve never set up an account.

Lumberjocks – Infrequently. I’m here more than anywhere else – other than a Rocking Chair forum, where I’m very active there.

My observation… and this will offend many; and it’s not my interest to do so – is that a site is as good as the woodworking skills that its active members possess.

For Lumberjocks, I have the opinion, and professional woodworkers have shared this with me, as well, there are too many members who ‘speak before they know’ or ask questions before they’ve done any research – whether its tool reviews (often on just-purchased equipment), methods of work (that are down-right scary or dangerous, sometimes); or giving advice on final prep and finishing – “well, I bought some poly from a BigBox store and wiped it on”.

Serious woodworkers are interested in interacting with other serious woodworkers – learning from, and helping others learn, who are serious about learning, and improving their craft. In my opinion, the way to achieve this is to identify several members who are serious about a specialty – bent lamination, finishing, joinery, Layout… there are hundreds to choose from – and have them champion this skill on this site.

Again, it’s not my intent to sound uppity… I’ve grew tired of Lumberjocks long ago; and I’ve always hoped that W3 would be better.

I know I’d love to see an app made where I can use my mobile device easier. It would also alert me when someone is commenting on something to where I could respond in a timely manner. It would also be easier to post from my phone as I along with others I’m sure have a lot of project pictures on my phone. It’s something LJ never did and I never liked it. I think everyone is always looking for the easiest quickest thing so offering something like that may help growth. At the very least I think it would help existing members post more.

I’ve been on lumberjacks for years, I didn’t even know this sight existed. Nice to see miss Deb and Martin again.

I seldom visit anymore…just not worth the time or effort. Even worse is one of the sister sites, woodworking talk. Admins will edit your posts to remove comments they don’t like, then threaten to ban you if you complain.

Artisan Woodworks of Texas-

I’ve been on Ljs for some time and enjoy the folks there and here.

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I lurk there a lot, in fact that’s where I recently heard of this site, I rarely post anywhere

Invite LJ buddies here, we’re far better ;)

Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian

Hardly go there anymore. I do check on my friend Mads though.


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