Getting too Old for this kind of stuff

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Sometimes I don’t think.
I built this powder bath vanity in 1 pc not putting enough thought into the install.

I had to scribe it to the walls…..before bringing it into the bathroom.
I had to cut out for the tile base…before bringing it in.
I had to take off the door trim…
Then I had to lift it above the toilet to get it in.
Did I mention I had to cut out the back for all the plumbing before hand as well. LOL
If there is a moral to the story I guess it would be to do better planning before hand.
2 cabinets would have been sooo much easier…..
A little forethought can save a lot of unnecessary labor.
Make your money at the desk, don’t lose it in the field!

If you do this for a living, then a critique is necessary. Otherwise, you did a really nice job. The cabinet looks great, and you learned a lesson.


Well, should never have to do that again….from what I see that is built to last….well done. You do fine work

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

Nicky, I do do this for a living. Maybe some critique is necessary.
(Not sure it would help though)
On the other hand, being the professional that I am, the cabinet got installed and the final result was the same.
I’m just poking a little fun at myself. Anybody that has done anything like this should be able to relate. :)

The end results is what really matters and it looks great. I find myself planning in real time.


Bet you did a lot of face palming that day. Nice job though.,

Doing the best I can with what I've got

This is really neat Bently.
Too old? no! Time to get an apprentice?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I guess it proves that we are our own hardest critic – nicely done!


Thanks all,
(face palming) yeah you could say that and some other choice words too.

Time to get an apprentice? .. No way, been there done that, 1 man band from here on out.


We can relate to this! It seems no matter how we plan, there is always something that could have been done more efficiently. Talking things through together sometimes helps us to avoid pitfalls. . . or at least gives me someone else to share blame!


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With a broad smile, I’ll say that my wife (of 35 years) ‘sees’ more than I do. While I get fascinated with the project, the build, all of the details, she would be the one to notice that it won’t fit through the door.