Your 2018 Woodworking Goals

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What are your woodworking goals for 2018?

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In June I will be stopping my professional work and dedicating my time to my avocation of woodworking. have many visions of creations and I have talked more than acted on them. I had a confrontational conversation with a friend who became a full time artist once he retired and has had several shows. He called me “Delusional!” and said “It takes working at it everyday!” I saw a wonderful interview of a renown cabinet maker who said many insightful things about the journey from ideas to the finished project. Came to realize I have to accept Murphy as part of my education and design team. LOL!

So for 2018 as one of the kids I worked for said "No talk! Just Play! Just have to do it!

Thomas J. Tieffenbacher/aka docSavage45

I’d like to once and for all get my shop clean. Clean of cutoffs, clean of things that don’t belong in the shop (things my family are too lazy to put away when they’re finished using them). I guess it’s the price I pay for taking over the garage and making it my shop……

Projects? On top of the orders I get, I’d like to finally make that pie safe for my wife. She’s been very patient with regard to this project.

Other than that ….. Just stay healthy, happy, and safe.

I remember on the past site, a woodworker showed his shop that was pristine white – the floors, the workspaces, the equipment. You could have eaten off any space in his shop. It was jaw-dropping amazing. No idea how he managed it; well, he cleaned up – dah, after every time, before leaving – and I mean “cleaned”

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

I don’t have any specific goals for this year, a few projects in the queue but nothing really pressing. Have gradually replaced a lot of the house furniture with stuff I’ve built so it’s kind of a strange woodworking season where I don’t have anything pressing to finish.

I try to keep my shop clean but usually only manage a thorough clean after each project is finished. I try and keep most of the shavings and dust vacuumed up as I go along though.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

I like, Anthony, would love to get the shop cleaned up and keep it that way. I have a commercial dust collector hooked up for the table saw, the planer and band saw, all of which are in a separate room with a window with a large fan to the outside. I have a large air cleaner on wheels, 3 Large shop vacs dedicated to router table, belt sander and one for random orbit sander. I still get a nice coat of dust over the entire shop. A big goal in 2018 is to find out where the heck it is coming from.


Thank you Adam, I consider myself a novice at best and have a lot to learn. I do take things like scooping tools, mitre saw and other heavy offenders outside. I marvel at your skills, craftsmanship and the large dementions of your work. Would like to see some pics of your shop sometime.