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I’m building a nice wooden toolbox for my woodworking tools using sassafras. I think I want brass everything for hardware. I also may try to find stainless boat hardware. If I go with brass, does anyone have suggestions on keeping the polished look. I don’t want to use brass and have it tarnish. If I use brass, then I want that polished brass look permanently. If that’s too difficult, then I’ll try to find stainless. I’m quite sure the brass is less expensive and I like that, but I’ve not used brass much for anything so I’m looking for suggestions on keeping it nice looking.

I’ll even use black-iron if someone has links to a good site. I just want similar pieces of hardware. I want them to look good and be functional for a toolbox setting. They will get beat up, scratched, etc. more than likely.

David L. Whitehurst

Brass is pretty, but soft. I don’t think it could stand the abuse on a tool box. I’d opt for the stainless or iron. BTW, I’ve been reading along with your blog post regarding it. Looks good! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Unless you seal it, brass tarnishes. Bright brass is sealed with lacquer after it is polished. The only way you’ll be able to keep it bright is to maintain the lacquer coating. I’ve got some older boxes with brass hardware that I use in the shop and they have all tarnished as the top coat got worn off.

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My choice would be a piano hinge made from stainless steel. These are very strong and will take the abuse of a tool box. You will need to get one from a marine store because the ones at the box stores have a steel rod to connect the parts and not a S.S. rod.
An other thing I remember from my youth in Denmark, was the fishermen putting galvanized fittings in BLO (boiled linseed oil) for several weeks and then letting it air dry. The metal turned dark gray/black in a workman style tradition. Not unattractive by any means.

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My vote would be for brass, or better yet, bronze, which in boat fittings would not be cheaper than stainless but I would not try to keep it polished………. been there, done that……..lotta work, lacquer or no lacquer. Nice green bronze is one of the great patinas out there. I love it. Brass would get the same patina.

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