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I would like to see a max number of post to a thread. Say 100. This way we do not end up with Black Holes that LJ’s have. Therefore I suggest that you guys limit the number of post to a certain thread to say 100. After that it could be cut up into satellites or dropped.
Lets be creative. After 100 post it gets old.

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I know what you mean. I completely ignore those black holes altogether. However, am arbitrary number could cut off some serious discussion. Just saying.

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I am of Madts opinion on this one.

There were times were I wanted to browse through the gigantic posts but the moment you get caught up, you already behind.

I think some reasonable limit will be nice.

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Reasonable limit could be a good idea, but it brings lot of questions.
How much is the “reasonable limit”? What If someone would like to ask something related to that topic that wasn’t answers yet? What If someone posts a comment and the author of the thread won’t be able to answer because of the limit….etc.

Right now there is no need to set the limit, since we don’t have a post with more than 100 comments. We’ll see how it goes and once there are more posts with lot of comments, we can reconsider this.

-- Michal,

Well-reasoned comments…

The inaugural several months of 3W is spot-on for me. The maturity and diversity of the comments is what I’m looking for: if this continues, the posts will remain self-limiting.

Having said this, IMO many of LJ’s black-holes are due to members using it as web portal to their own stuff, or their own specialized topic. With some luck and guidance from the members, this site will continue to be valuable.

IMO, requiring some form of Specificity in the TITLE would go a long ways to helping everyone stick to identified themes/threads/blogs, and thus be more SELF-limiting and pertinent.

In other words let’s have NO “…xxxx of your dreams…” forums/threads.

Maybe this could be promoted with more specifically titled “Themes” (that only moderators can start, via individual requests).

Some Random Examples…

  • Powermatic Tools
  • Grizzly Tools
  • Marquetry
  • Milk Paint Techniques/projects
  • Tablesaw Tips&Tricks
  • Stanley Hand tools
  • Sargent Hand tools
  • Scrollsaws by Brand
  • Bandsaws by Brand
  • Safety in the Shop
  • Healthy Woodworking Tips
  • etc…


No XXX? man that’s all I dream about. I am leaving:)

Martin and his team are going to loose sleep with all the request they will get.
The other place is full of those. One got a working idea and everyone else wanted a share of the pie.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

As this site grows the number of posts will need to grow as well. It would be difficult to draw a line in the sand. Could the author delete the thread when he gets the info he or she is looking for? Or simply decides it’s time to end the thread?

I think the moderator should just close the thread when they see cliques developing and hanging out in little clubs on 1 thread.

Deleting a thread is a bit extreme. I have perused old threads on LJ’s and found good information. I understand the desire for a limit. It is hard to jump into a thread that is months old and meanders off the original topic.


I agree with BJ – deleting old threads is not a good idea. Many people can find answers in old threads.

-- Michal,