Traditional Japanese Joinery Techniques

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Hey all, I just wanted to share with you these amazing Japanese Joinery Techniques – joining woods without glue, nails or screws. Isn’t it amazing?

-- -- Michal,

The Japanese wood working skills developed around the time the country was unable to access materials and they developed ways to build without them.
Hence how the development of nylon came about as well due to not being able to access rubber. The metal working skills are legendary and as a result the pull saws knives and tools we fondly protect as we use them.

-- Regards Rob

Sure, I agree that using glue is much more faster. I was just impressed of these techniques. As Whitacrebespoke said, we have never lived in better times – so many tools that make our life easier.

-- -- Michal,


Those are great joinery techniques, but they all require too much skill and precision for me! I’ll have to stick with glue. ;-)


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