Daddy-Daughter Time #1

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As most of you will know by now my Dad is my hero and he too has found healing in woodwork. We get up to all kinds of mischief together and this last week has been no different! As I am now back behind the wheel of a car and driving to different craft shows (and taking Dad Christmas shopping!) he has been trying to help out with making stock. It all started out a few months back with Dad remembering some of the crafts he was taught in school ( by the nuns – he’s an Irish fella) including spool (or French) knitting, weaving (with wool) and our latest thing being wooden pegs.

Well it turns out that wooden clothes pegs have far more uses than just hanging your washing on the line as Dad pointed out when he said he wanted to make a rocking chair. I sat and removed the springs of 24 pegs and left him with my wood glue and a YouTube video (the old memory needs jogging now). Slowly but surely over the last few days we have seen this rocking chair come to life and we have also learnt just how strong my wood glue is!

There are quite a few mistakes that I’m sure those of you with a keen eye and lots of experience will spot straight away and it needs to be sanded down to remove the excess glue before finishing it, but all in all I don’t think it was a bad first attempt.

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Merry Christmas guys I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities ? I totally agree that time spent with dad is well spent and it’s good to hear the advice is still ringing around. Mine can’t do much technical stuff but he makes an excellent cup of tea

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Wonderful memories to treasure. I lost my dad 37 years ago and I can still hear his voice clear as a bell, telling me to be careful when I get on a ladder. Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah to everyone.

-- Jack

Nothing beats time with dad in the shop. I absolutely loved spending time with my dad in the shop. A lot of advice from him him made me the woodworker I’m am today. My daughters and grandson are getting it from me now. Precious moments enjoy every second. Merry Christmas

-- Daba

No we don’t have room for anything at the moment but we will be moving within the next 2yrs so perhaps then? We are keeping everything miniature and going with a rustic theme. We plan to have a slice of rustic log no more than an inch thick with two rockers and maybe a table glued of to it. There are a few finishing touches added to it after all of the varnishing is dried but I don’t want to reveal too much as I will blog about it separately.

Thank you for the advice I will look into it. The damp cloth won’t work as the pegs move too much and are very fiddly – not a good combination for a man who struggles with coordination so sanding is the easiest option and it’s not something I mind too much anyway. My spokeshave – like all of my kit- currently needs sharpening so that’ll have to wait until a later date. As for the steaming I will certainly have a play around with it when I get the chance ☺

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It was nice just to slow things down a bit and do something a bit different/watch dad get increasingly cross with how strong the glue is.

Merry Christmas ?

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