Bed side table

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Not too long ago I made a pair of tables for a bedroom upstairs. Last week I wanted to post it as a creation. That I did yesterday. The reason for the delay, is that the table and I could not agree on the speed we should go down the stairs. I ended up going down real fast head first. The table came down at a more pedestrian pace. Needless to say I was pretty banged up but nothing broken, just bruised. The table did not fare as well. It needed surgery.

The table is now back together, so all is good. I am still sore and also have a bruised ego.


-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Glad your ok!!! I fell from my hunting stand last November and still feeling the effects! Great work and it was kind of a fun story

-- Budman

Be careful! Glad you are okay and the table has had a good recovery. It is a lovely looking table and I’m appreciating the photos of your process

-- ?

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