No see, no wood

Dear friends, I am in the unfortunate situation that I have macular degeneration. I cannot see, wood, inches and centimeters anymore. Therefore I believe my woodworking days are over. I want to say thanks too all my friends and foe on this site for 10 years of fun. I will still enjoy watching your projects for as long as I can see them.

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I'm really sorry to hear that, pal. Will keep you in our prayers.

If you get antsy about not working the wood, perhaps carving is something that doesn't require a lot of eye power.

Losing fingers since 1969

I'm so sorry to hear this, you have been a great contributor to the woodworking community for many years, God Bless.

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oh Madts ... I'm so sorry. 
I'm wishing you well on your journey and may you SEE for many years to come! 

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Please allow me to add my wishes to all those posted here that you will to see for a long time.

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