Folding tivets


Yesterday I posted Folding trivets. These have been posted before on other sites, so I can not take credit for them. In this blog I will show you how I make them.

First off I start with 2 pieces 8″ × 3/4" X 1/4" and one center piece 8" x 3/4″ × 3/8". These are then taped together and marked with both center lines.

Now I mark out the center part on one of the cheeks. Be as accurate as you can at this point.

At this point I take it to the bandsaw and cut out the notches. I cut inside the lines.

Take the tape off and flip the center piece 180 degs.

At this point I am ready to spread glue and wax. The wax goes where the joint will be.

Now I am ready for the glue up. I make sure that I line up as shown below.

The glue up.

After the glue up I have something that looks like this. I then remark the centerline as accurately as possible. When I cut I will try to split the pencil line.

Now the fun begins. Pre band saw.

Post bandsaw.

At this point I very carefully open it up. If it sticks I have to wiggle it a bit.

If it will not open 90 degs. I might have to do some chiseling where I can see some binding.

At this point it is done apart from rounding the edges and sanding. I use mineral oil for the finish.

Thanks for watching. I hope that you can awe some friends with this.


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These are great. It looks like a fun project and with some practice, shouldn’t take too long to accomplish. Thanks for sharing.


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Very creative, Madts ;)

Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian

I just showed this to my wife, and now I have a new project on my list. Thanks for sharing, and for the well done directions.