Finishes #1 Chalk Paint

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As promised here is the start of some more detailed updates…

I have been playing around with different finishes and experimenting a bit with different combinations. It has definitely been a big learning kerb but I’ve now got some pleasing results.

I have had a selection of shapes cut via CNC (I know it’s not technically by hand but needs must and I can make up for it in design) in order to transform them into quirky/rustic plaques/fridge magnets/keyrings. Now when I carve something I tend to prefer a more natural finish with a nice wood stain and maybe a varnish to finish it off but with these CNC cut shapes they need a complete transformation. This is where we come to the CHALK PAINT – I cannot give this stuff enough praise. It has a fantastic natural finish, dries really fast and is a dream with brushwork. The best part is it’s all good for the environment with complementing wax/lacquer to finish it off.

Since making this discovery my work has improved 10fold with a perfectly smooth finish and even look about it.

-- ?

I agree a go too finish is fantastic and makes life so much easier. I’m going to be experimenting with the complementing was and lacquer finishes in the new year so I will put up a blog about my experience with it all. I’ve never used milk paint before it may be something i had a look at further down the line

-- ?

Interesting, I’ve never used chalk paint. Will have to give it a try; most of the paint I use is milk paint, which is annoying at times to get an even coat with. It’s great to find a go-to finish that you don’t have to worry about how it will turn out.

-- Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Thanks guys. Madts the Annie Sloan stuff is expensive but worth it as the cheaper alternatives I have found are more troublesome and dry out quicker.

-- ?

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