Hidden wall pocket

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Well i am at it again, i had an idea, its been done before, but not quite like this, plus a lot less expensive.

When ever i start i like to take a shot of the raw materials. Here it is on top of my work bench.

So i started by putting the brackets on the back side of my art work

Once that was done it gave me the inside dims for the “pocket” i designed all the metal brackets my self and had a metal shop make them for me out of 16ga steel.

Once the pocket was made, i attached the pocket to the art work.

I then clamped it to my table to test my hinge system.

Once i felt it was smooth i attached the back to close it off.

Once that was done i went and found the spot i wanted it. I then measured, cut, and slid in place. Fit nice and tight and no one is the wiser!

Testing video: http://youtu.be/43aT65aCEa8

My commercial: http://youtu.be/g0UZRVge3v8

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