Gut Shop Reorganization #9: Superior dust collection

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I have an old delta contractor saw. Underneath was a pan tilted about 45° to the back to let the dust drop and sort of keep it away from the front where you stand. It made a huge mess every time it was used so I put plywood sides on it and stuck a vacuum hose inside. It kept the dust off the floor but it would fill right up to the top if I didn’t clean it. It didn’t remove much dust.

Today I made a pyramid, turned it upside down and put the vacuum hose at the bottom. I didn’t have much time to test it but it seems to work pretty well. I got the angles for the pyramid from one of those online compound angle calculators. As a pyramid wood working project it’s not much to look at and I had a heck of a time cutting the pieces, but they went together well enough to serve its purpose.

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My pictures don’t show it, but the back is completely open. I could not figure out a simple way of closing it, as you describe. But it still works great. I suppose the blade pushes most of the dust toward the front, or straight down, which accounts for that.

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One more thing I should have done was change the layout of the PVC pipe for the vac connection. It’s a back breaker the way it is. I just reused what I had before, but before it was in a different place that wasn’t such a pain to get to.

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It works great! I used it last night after I posted and there were no piles at all.

Craig, except for the trouble I had cutting the pyramid pieces, the hardest part was getting rid of that tray. I had to set the saw on a saw horse, get it off the floor and disassemble one of the legs. It won’t come out any other way. But I finally got it out and the legs back on. The tray is a structural part of the base so you’re going to have to replace the support it gives front to back with a piece of plywood or something. I left one of my plywood sides on. Tonight I’ll throw a 2by across the other side just to be safe.

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