Don't use WoodworkingWeb to advertise or sell.

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I totally agree with this rule.. Too many people take advantage on other sites.. by posting daily blogs with no other purpose than to promote their own site. This to me I find annoying.
Now and again after posting some new completed project to maybe show a link to their own site
would be good..
Anyhow.. Just my opinion.

-- David Bethune

This is one of 8 commercials we just finished doing for Nestle..
I never talk about this much because it’s not woodworking related.. BUT this is how I make a living…
Done some work recently also with James Burton at RCA in California…
James was Elvis Presleys Lead Guitar player till he passed away..

-- David Bethune

Everyone has voiced their opinions. Thank-you.

The site is for sharing information about woodworking (whether as a hobbyist or business person). The goal is to inspire and help/support other woodworkers, young and old, newbie or master craftsman.

Personal opinions have headed off track, I believe, and has lost sight of the helping/supporting.
As the community grows and more creations and blogs are posted we will see a much wider selection of how the helping/supporting/inspiring is displayed.

-- Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

I suggest that you not post my Company pictures from other sites onto this one…
You Mr. Fenton are digging a hole you may not be able to afford.

-- David Bethune

Martin already expressed his view. If you don’t want to see our stuff, why did you just “follow” both of us unless it was to stir up more trouble.

Also, it won’t look like that when this site picks up more members. If everybody wanted to spend an hour or more per day to write content that seemingly plenty of people want to read, I would think that would be great for this forum. If some people don’t want to read it, guess what, nobody is forcing them.

-- Scroll saw patterns @

You missed the whole point… I was only talking about BLOGS
Is it really necessary to cut and paste the same blog on LJ’s as well as here.
I also own a company… If everyone who owns a company did this it would be a mess.
It’s great that you write articles for magazines.. I also write… I get my exposure there though.
As far as support.. I was not asking for any.. Martin OWNS the site… it’s up to him.. I like Martin…
To me this just seems a little much… Your on the main page now 4 times..

-- David Bethune

It only looks like that here because nobody is posting here yet.

Also Project posts require a project. Blogs are for non-project related posts.

As to my “balls”. You are the one that started all this. I didn’t complain about your blatant advertising until you got going. I probably wouldn’t have said anything if you wouldn’t have gone further and started a blog about it after you didn’t generate enough support posting in Sheila’s blog.

-- Scroll saw patterns @

Just imagine if we all did this….
At least I post an actual finished product.. and very rarely maybe once ever MONTH or so..
certainly not every day

-- David Bethune

You are wayyyyy to funny Keith…
You advertise every day………. it’s sickening and don’t even post anything..LOL
AMAZING you would have the balls to reply to this..

-- David Bethune

I don’t mind the blogs that (might) drive traffic to their site. I do mind posts that just have a teaser line, then a link to their site. You have to go there to finish reading.
If I like what I’ve read, I might go check out your site. Don’t try to force me, because I’m never going there.
Links in projects or signature lines are great ideas, I think.

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