mesa boogie amp head #4: making the face

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Today I glued up 2 maple pieces and one pier decking ekki. The dark piece will be centered between the bottom of the amp face and the bottom of the case. The logo will go there, mortised in flush. That’s a job for later.

After trimming a little and running through the planer.

There is something seriously wrong with my planer lately. Recently it started drawing pieces through very slowly and today I got burn marks on the wood. It was smoking at one point. I guess I can chalk that up to dull blades but what’s up with the slow infeed? Also, the carriage lock doesn’t really work. The elevation knob turns while it’s cutting. I’ve had to hold it with my hand to prevent it from turning. All this just happened since last weekend. I didn’t think much of it last week but after a couple of minor adjustments today, it’s still not going away. It needs a major overhaul I’m afraid.

Anyway, my handy dandy card scrapers took care of the burn marks. Next up was to trim the face to almost it’s installation size and cut out the section where the amp face will go.

I cut it with my bandsaw and cleaned up the saw marks with a card scraper. All of the front edges will get rounded over. Maybe tomorrow night. That’s a common design feature for these amps.

One last thing. I mentioned in the last post that I had some tearout that I tried to fix with ca glue and sawdust. This was an utter failure but that’s OK since they will now be on the inside of the box.

Blech… Live and learn.

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Is that a pun? LOL

Actually, very little headway. My mother in law went home and there are many more baby responsibilities for me so no more evening work. Only weekends for a while.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Looks like I messed up again. I sent my buddy s picture of what I did and he sent this back:

I guess I can cut off the top and remake it without doing the while thing over. But that means another run through the planer. Ugh

-- Losing fingers since 1969

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