Wooden Games #1: Get Me Out

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I am starting a series about wooden games. Some made by me, some by others, some copied and other. These are for the young the old and the other.

First is a Game I posted before on the other site but I think needs a rebirth. It is called “Get Me Out” and was copied from a small plastic game given to me by somebody 50 years or so ago. I remembered it because I have a mind like a steel trap. :))

The game consist of a frame with a slot in the short end and several tiles.

Tiles consist of 4 X 1 X 1’s
5 X 1 X 2’s
1 X 4 X 4 to fit slot.

Shows tray to fit all pieces. Make it large enough for tiles to move easily but not too sloppy.

Load up tiles as shown with the 4 X 4 opposite the slot and then have at it. You have to slide the tiles around to facilitate the removal of the large flat tile. Please do not cry.

Please enjoy.


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That is cool and should be fun to make and play .
That will be a good project to make with the grandsons and should help whittling down the scrap bin .


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