$100 Favorite Technique Challenge #1: Announcement

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Marquetry, wood carving, scroll sawing or …? Your choice. Post a blog entry about your favorite technique for a chance to win $100. Include technique description, why is it a favorite one and spice it up with some photos.


  1. Post a blog entry about your favorite technique (+ → New Blog Entry). Use technique name in the entry title and add a favoritetechnique tag into a tag list.
  2. Photos, pros / cons, personal experiences and tips are highly appreciated.
  3. You can post multiple entries. More entries = better chance to win!
  4. Post on or before August 23.
  5. We will do a random drawing from all the entries on August 24.
  6. The winner wins $100 cash.
  7. The winner must be able to accept the PayPal payment.

Have fun.

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

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