carving space and homemade setup #1: carving space intro

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So ive been looking online to find a good set up for chainsaw carving area. Ive had no luck so im going to get creative and share anything i come up with.

Speaking of intros, youve seen this little guy pretend carving a stump with a toy chainsaw. This is my son Garrett. My buddy, my shadow, my apprentice and one reason i love waking up everyday. He stayed out with me all day “helping” dig my carving area. I dug a 10×20 area beside my garage that will eventually be covered by a lean to.

So i dont have much going on in here yet. My yard slopes so i did the retaining wall with some treated 4×4s i had and drove in fence post i had then back filled. Then dug out the rest of the area. This will help contain all the chips and saw dust from chainsawing. Thats the main idea here other than i like a defined work space. I will be working on a work bench for tools and drawing etc. A holder for logs while im carving signs etc. Some kind of base to clamp upright logs so they dont tip and turn while carving. I wish the lean to was done because i will be doing a projector to cast reference pics or carving blueprints on the wall for easy reference when carving. This is what i have so far so i hope this helps someone and if you have any ideas or established set ups of a good chainsaw carving area please share. Thanks for looking, more to come…

-- Carvings by Levi

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Jeff, I have one daughter with three kids, married and home owner. I have another daughter who is getting married next month. Definitely take what you get now, it ends way too soon. Course, now I have three grandchildren, good for me and them.

-- Jamesw

Bruce i sure know about daughters finding out about boys. Just helped my 15 year old go through her first break up. I told her now stay single and just have fun with your friends. The boys can wait. You are way to young for drama. I tried to get her intrerested in woodworking but shes not intrerested. She’ll sit on my stool and talk with me instead. I ll take whatever i can get because one day theyll be gone on their own.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

that’s a great idea for a place to carve . My youngest daughter Veronica took a real interest in cars , spent a lot of time with me in the garage , but like the rest of you see grew up ( found out about boys )

-- Wheaties

My shadow is going to college next year.
I still have the younger one to bug:)

Looks like Garrett can’t wait for the space to be all done.

I am sure he will be a great help.

Good luck.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Yes, they grow up way to fast. You are doing a great job with your young one. And one day, he’ll return the favor. Good job and good luck with your new carving space, looks pretty good so far.

-- Jamesw

Thanks jeff. They do grow way to fast. I treasure every minute, smile, laugh, every moment with my kids. Very glad he loves helping. My daughters like carving too but not like my buddy garrett.

-- Carvings by Levi

Very cool. I use to have a shadow to then he grew up. The years really do fly by. I wish i could get them back but cant. Thats so awesome he hangs out with you. Love it. Well your doing well on your new area. Cant wait to see the finished project.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

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