Ramblings from a South Central Texas Wood Butcher #16: Texas Heat Sucks, . . . the Energy Out of Me

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Howdy from South Central Texas, a suburb of Hell. Not that it’s a bad place to live, other than the heat and humidity. With that, my time in the shop has dwindled. Got in trouble with my cardiac therapist a couple of weeks ago. She raked me over the coals, when she learned that I’d been working out side when it’s hot. Says it’s bad enough for the healthy person, but really bad for heart patients.

I did get out in the shop, a bit yesterday evening, and found half of my work table, again. I really need to set up a system to better store wood, craft paint, and . . . well, pretty much everything, except my tools and machines. I really NEED to de-clutter, not just the hangar, but the auto shop, and my office too. I’ve collected WAY too much stuff. Hmmmm.

Well, Texas has just gotten a bit of a “cold” front. I hear that it’s in the ’60’s this morning in DFW. Maybe we’ll get lucky and have some cooler temps. I woke to clouds and thunder this morning, no rain though.

Guess I ought to head to the hangar, after I finish my coffee, and see what I can do to neatify.

Y’all take care!

Happy Wooding!

-- Keith "Shin" Schindler

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I feel your pain. I live just north of Austin. It’s a GREAT place to live. However, I shop fan is a really nice amenity. Keep your chin up . . . Fall is coming!

-- Making sawdust is what I do best!

I too live in Texas, Clear Lake Houston, and yes August has been a Bitch heat wise. The last couple of days with rain has been pleasant.
Good luck with the decluttering Shin.
Kevin: Try Houston Hardwoods up by 610 and 290.


-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

I also live in Texas. I’m in Pasadena. South east of Houston. Where is the bet place that you have found to buy wood? And do they deliver? For a decent price.

-- kevin's kreations

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