Old School

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I was raised by parents that went through the Great Depression.
I learned how to use what was available, repair if needed, appreciate what I had.

I have been a member of this group since Feb which I enjoy very much, but logging in has been a PAIN.
It would take me three times to log in & the site would never remember me, if I had to answer the phone, I would have to log back in.
Anyway my 4 1/2 yr old iPhone finally died.
The problem was my phone.
Now anytime I click on a link from an email BAM I’m in !!

Oh by the way, my new phone was broken. Newer model, twice the memory. Had broken glass, bad control button & needed wiped & reset.
Repair bill $85.00, much better than spending $500 or $600.

More money for tools !!!

-- Jaybird

Thanks guys, I love to recycle.
I also like one of the side benefits, saving money, LOL

Steve, I wish I had listened to my parents & grandparents and soaked up some of their hard earned wisdom.

-- Jaybird

Cool, Jay!
Glad your up and running!
I always have my Grandmothers
favorite saying I’m the back of my head,
“Make do with what you have "
And she was right!

-- Steve Tow

Thanks Martin.
I knew it wasn’t the site after you checked it out on your end.
I thought it might be the phone after I started having other issues.

Being super busy this time of the year I had just about quit loggin on.

Thanks for all that you do !!!

-- Jaybird

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